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Breakthrough traditional thinking personality engagement ring is the most fashionable

(1) The most cost-effective diamond is precious, but as a young man

whose economic foundation is not solid enough, not everyone can afford to

do so. To find a way to save money and avoid the

embarrassment of the same style, it's better to choose the ring with

the mosaic from the top to the bottom: Repossi, Van Cleef &

Arpels, Lizzie Mandler, Spinelli Kilcollin because of the basis. On the premise

of the same Clare Weight, the price of a big diamond is

much more expensive than that of a few small diamonds. According to

this principle, diamond-inlaid diamonds can be reduced in Cost, and ring-inlaid diamonds

can also form an unexpected shining effect. Moreover, the design space is

large, Silhouette is changeable and inflexible, which is very suitable for pursuing

the most halo-shaped of Chic young people. Brilliant if you don't think

single-diamond rings are bright enough, then I think only this kind of

rings can satisfy the picky you, that is, ring rings with a

circle of small diamonds outside the main diamond, forming flower-shaped, sun-shaped or

snowflake-shaped Silhouette, maximizing the visual magnification of the diamond's light from top

to bottom: Latest Revival, Hearts on Fire, Solange Azagury-Partridge, Suzanne Kal If

you want to maximize the effect, you might as well choose the

claw-mounted Style instead of the wrapping, because the Waist of the diamond

is exposed and close to each other to give people the visual

illusion, like a bigger diamond, this kind of diamond ring is most

suitable for friends who pursue the shining visual effect, to ensure that

you feel like a beloved little princess. (3) The new fashion of

pearl if you still recognize it. For pearls are mother's jewelry, Grandma

will wear it. That's too small to see Designers'jewelry, whether style or

Silhouette, has become more informal. Even young people who pursue fashion don't

feel that they are old-fashioned from top to bottom: Monique P an,

Stephen Russell, Savannah Stranger, CHANEL Finel Jewry, especially irregular pearls, seem to

be. Unlike round and plump pearls, they have aesthetic value. In fact,

as long as they are taught according to their aptitude, they can

also become Style with aesthetic and even artistic sense. On the contrary,

they are more attractive than round pearls and do not think that

pearls can only be White. Pearls can be chosen according to their

temperament and personality. Pearls of different colors, such as Black, Pink, Yellow,

Violet, Orange, etc. (4) Master. One of the meanings of Shicheng Double

Single Diamond Ring is the promise of the only love in this

life. But if you can express the meaning of two people living

in two places, flying in two places and staying together for a

lifetime, in fact, it's also very romantic. This task is given to

the Ring of Double Main Stone to complete. From top to bottom:

Harry Winston, Sylva & Cie, J. Birnbach, Kwiat Double Main Stone give

Designer more space to play, for example, two different kinds of main

stones can be used. Gem and Metal, you can choose Ratent symmetry,

axisymmetry, even asymmetric Designs, Style, style is more diverse, if you want

to pursue a good moral, but also can bear the cost of

two main stones, so that a ring will not let you down

Black Humorous Black engagement ring I am not kidding, when everyone is

pursuing the effect of Transparent and Bbling. Well, if you wear a

Black engagement ring, you will definitely win over your personality. There are

many beautiful Black gems in nature, such as Black Diamond and Black

agate, which are often used to make jewelry from top to bottom:

Anna Sheffield, Kwiat, Ara Vartanian, Eva Fehren Black gemstones, although they can't

be compared with other gemstones in terms of Transparent degree, but they

can't be compared with other gemstones. It will radiate a unique luster,

elegance and mystery, whether classical or modern style can be well controlled

and this choice of breaking the rules, as if to say why

not, and quiet life is also a kind of wisdom, just wait

for you to try confidently and boldly.

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This is a collection of watches after watching the rising posture

Whether a watch has collection value or not, if you really love

it and don't want to lose something, you need the wisdom of

selecting the watches. Most of the watches have the phenomenon of buy-and-sell

as long as the non-shareholder collection almost exists; and if you remember

the following points, the watches still have collection value, after all, you

have to play with cars and watches. 1. Keep in mind that

you must play with small battles; If it's not a special watch,

use a good discount to buy it, so that you won't be

passive when you change hands. Even if it's a very complicated technology

of one or two million remium watches, it's very difficult to get

the price when you buy the original price. 2. Choosing the brand

is very important. It's absolutely hard to choose which brand to buy

if the Market circulation rate of which brand is high. Rolex and

Patek Philip are absolutely hard to use now. Goods, the success rate

is high, is also the darling of major auction houses. Look at

Hong Kong, Macao's second-hand watch shop outside the window is the most

placed brand is a reminder, the high rate of sales is not

equal to appreciation, but better than other brands, but in terms of

preservation ability, Rolex in the table is absolutely the existence of a

single file. 3. Choose the machine core; Please reference the first item.

The higher your starting price, the smaller your appreciation space, and the

price of ultra-complex Function watch is generally very high, so I do

not recommend you spend millions of dollars to buy a flywheel or

three questionnaires table at home; antique watches are a good collection, not

much in stock and historical value, but design is certainly outdated, how

to do not buy antique watches, but you can buy modern antique

watches. The core factories that fell out in the 1980s were not

eliminated because of poor quality. The impact of the quartz revolution made

some excellent brands lose confidence in that era, but the quality was

absolutely good. 4. Choosing the small amount of watches in stock; the

most basic collection principle is to keep things rare and expensive, and

the Limited edition with high cost performance should be chosen as far

as possible; if it can be used, the Limited edition should be

selected as possible. There is a special meaning on the basis of

Limited edition. Another is the theme list. Theme tables often have high

collection value because of their special background. Of course, non-Limited edition forms

are not all useless. Rolex's annual Output is at least 100,000, and

it's also the brand that most dislikes to push Limited edition. Its

classic form is still popular in the market. Welcome 5. It's a

fallacy that non-expensive Metal watches do not preserve their value; it's a

dangerous statement that Must Be is a valuable Metal watches for collectors.

First, Rolex 1665 steel watches were sold for 380,000 US dollars in

1967; Baida Jasmine Ref.3939 steel watches were sold for 1.4 million Euros

at OnlyWatch auction in 2011; Baida Jasmine 500T titanium alloy watches were

sold the year before last. 3.625 million Swiss francs, but the platinum

version of the 5004 is less than 3 million RMB. Can you

say that your Metal is the absolute collection? Understand these points, plus

a lost fortune, you will be able to select a favorite watch

that can appreciate.

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